Club Promotions with easy-Speak

  • Did you know that the front Home page of your site is the first landing page for visitors?
  • Do you know how to add pizzazz to the Home page and invite your visitors in?
  • How will you make use of the Membership tools for promoting your club?
  • Are you the Web Master, VPE, VPM or VPPR for your club?

Then this article is for you! Let’s visit the King Arthur’s Playground easy-test site and see how the team are managing their club promotions.

Step 1: Manage the Home Page

new home page 2 aug 16

Home Page Essentials

First we need a welcome message; bright colorful imagery; correct  meeting information; and a link to being a guest. In my opinion Peter Pan (IT Support) is providing all of these clearly on the home page of King Arthur’s, shown above. Some of these web parts are automatically in place for you once you have completed the Club Setup. For instance the Meeting dates and times; locations and Club Affiliations. You don’t have to do anything more to those! How easy is that!

Next we want to consider what further information our visitors will need and add those web parts to the Home page. Background story for the club, advice to participants and a list of future meetings. See our King Arthur’s example below where a couple of extra web parts have been added: Toastmasters Mission, Toasty-Tip and a link to Facebook. This is what you see when you scroll further down the Home page.

new home page 2 aug second half member view

My recommendation is that you choose the web parts carefully to help in the promotion process. I also advocate that one member of the team should be the one to update frequently and add extra notifications of upcoming special events in one or two lines.

For example:

“King Arthur’s Club has scheduled their Club Contests during August – come and see how they shape up to represent us in the Area Contests this year.”

Step 2: Manage Member Status

Minnie Mouse (VPE) at King Arthur’s, is now planning to ensure that any visitors to the club, enticed by the information on the home page, will be able to receive email notifications about future meetings.

minnie edits member status in control panel

She needs to open the Control Panel for this and enter the Member Status screen. Above is what she sees when selecting the Member status of Guest! Minnie ensures that the options for receiving Meeting emails is selected as Yes. (Note: if she is editing here, she must click the Save icon at the bottom of this screen to action that change for all Guests.)

After receiving information from a Guest who has visited the home page and now wants to be a Guest at the next meeting, but is not sure of how to do that, Minnie can now add the new person to site as a User with status of Guest.

adding new guest

This new user with Guest status will receive the Meeting email reminders that are sent out by Minnie when the Agenda is ready.

Step 3: Manage Prospective Members

Whilst Minnie is checking the User List, she finds that there are a few prospective members who need following up. She sends that list to the VPM Gandalf the Wizard.

User list of guestsGandalf can now enter the User List and select each one of the Prospective Members and then select the email icon to send a standard message to them both.

For instance:

“Thanks for being a Guest at King Arthur’s, we valued your attendance. If you are considering joining the club please do contact me by reply email.”

Gandalf could also followup on the Guests who have visited the clubs and change their status to Prospective Member if required.

By using the easy-Speak Member Management tools the Club Executive Officers can all work together to promote, recruit and sign up new members!

Some of these steps will be featured in the upcoming Webinar Series from the easy-Speak Help Desk! Details of these are located here for promoting to your easy-Speak colleagues.

You will need to RSVP and register for these by joining the easy-speak Toastmasters Community.



Control Panel in easy-Speak

Drivers Start Your Engines!

clock-70189_1280Effective administration of your easy-Speak site is a crucial element in the success of your ability to manage your online or land-based (in-person) clubs. It all begins in the Control Panel!

  • Where is the Control Panel?
  • What is the Control Panel?
  • What can you do in the Control Panel?

This is where you structure everything!

Where is the Control Panel?

The Control Panel is usually hidden from view unless you are the Administrator or VPE of your easy-Speak site. That is a sensible thing given the power of this ‘engine’ that drives everything. It is good idea to make the Control Panel ONLY available to those with in-depth knowledge of its purpose and experience with its use.

Your Web Master will need access to the Control Panel for administration of the site, maintenance of club officer positions and permissions as well as Club Setup options and role allocations. Your VPE will need access to the Control Panel for maintenance of meeting locations, physical or virtual, as well as management of roles and awards in meetings. Your VP Membership may need access to the Member Survey Manager for surveys and analytics of the club membership from time to time. If you have one of those positions or permissions in your club you will see the location of the Control Panel at the bottom of the site page.

What is the Control Panel?

control panel

The Control Panel manages the following elements of your club site:

Import Tools enable the bulk upload of:

  1. new members for a brand new club
  2. speech completion records by existing club members

Toastmasters Tools enable the management of:

  1. Club Officers – maintenance of officer positions
  2. Club Setup – maintenance of General information, Display preferences, Options, Role Allocation, Meetings and TMI information.
  3. Locations Edit – maintenance and updates of physical and virtual addresses
  4. Meeting Awards – management of meeting awards
  5. Meeting Roles – management of meeting roles
  6. Member Survey – management of Member Surveys and Reports
  7. Member status – management of Member status eg visitor, guest, member

What can you do in the Control Panel?

There is a great deal you can do in the Control Panel. Too much to include in one blog post. Details of the attributes of the Control Panel are contained and explained in the easy-Speak Knowledge Baseknowledge base

In this blog I will focus on one of the most useful attributes for management of your club’s meeting roles. If you need more you may wish to join us in the Help Desk Webinar scheduled for July 28. Details are displayed in the Event page for the easy-Speak Toastmasters Community in Facebook.

Managing the Roles in your Meetings!

  • Do you have some general roles that you use on a regular basis?
  • Do you have some specific roles that you put in place from time to time?
  • Do you want your members to be able to self-assign themselves for those roles?
  • Do you need to specify if those roles may be assigned depending on certain criteria?

These questions and your answers will determine what you will change in the Meeting Roles tool and the Club Setup, Meeting Role Allocation Settings in the Control Panel.

For instance in the Role Manager (see below) you can edit to have the roles assignable or fillable, and determine whether they can repeat.

role manager

For instance in the Role Allocation Settings (see below) you can determine how many meetings before any role, major roles, and which roles will repeat. You can also determine the time frames for attendance confirmation, volunteering online and when to prevent changes.

meeting role allocation

Have I whet your appetite for more? What more do you need help with? Why not join the easy-Speak Toastmasters Community and seek the wisdom of the crowd! Better still, join the Help Desk Webinar on July 28. You can register for this event by joining the community and selecting the Events page.

Next week I will zoom in and focus on other features of the Control Panel and in particular how to give ‘zing’ and ‘pizzazz’ to your Home page in easy-Speak.

During the next few weeks I will be focusing on how the easy-Speak club management tool can be used to advantage for online clubs. If you have something in particular that you would like to see in those posts, please leave me a comment.